2019-2020 Catalog 
    Feb 23, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration - Executive, MBAE

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The USF Executive MBA is designed to help advance your career in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing business world. When you enter the program, you will be joining an elite group of peers who possess depth of business knowledge gained through years of professional experience in a diversity of functions and industries.

In this cohort of experienced professionals, business acumen will play an integral part in your learning experience. You will work with faculty and students to find innovative ways to employ newly learned theories, concepts, and skills in creating solutions to the challenges you encounter at work, thereby adding significant value to both you and your company. Not only is the format of the program designed with the demands of a busy professional life in mind, but also faculty have developed courses that support active learning in a dynamic setting across all subjects. The USF Executive MBA offers a student-centered, rigorous curriculum focused on applied learning, leadership skill development, and a global mindset. The outcome will be greater confidence in your ability to lead and make sustainable decisions for both your business and yourself.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop values-based leadership skills, greater self-awareness, and become ethical decision makers.
    • Identify and implement core competencies and strengths as a leader.
    • Prepare data and findings and business agreements in a way that is honest, transparent, and socially just.
  • Develop a global perspective of the business world.
    • Identify the challenges of conducting business efficiently and ethically in the global environment.
    • Operate in the ever-changing global marketplace.
  • Analyze data and effectively apply analysis and theory to business problems and proposed solutions.
    • Analyze and apply information and data to business decisions.
    • Formulate well-thought-out strategic plans and visions for future business decisions.
  • Attain a functional understanding of all core business areas.
    • Summarize basic principles of all main business areas, including accounting, finance, strategy, management, marketing, supply chain management, and business law.
    • Synthesize ideas from various business areas into a cohesive, creative plan or vision. 
  • Leadership. Graduates will be self-aware leaders committed to collaboration.
    • Discuss how self-awareness is central to leadership authenticity and effectiveness.
    • Assess team effectiveness for improved performance.
    • Communicate effectively in writing.
    • Communicate effectively orally.
  • Decision Making. Graduates will be creative problem solvers and strategic decision makers.
    • Apply tools, models, and concepts of innovation to a business venture.
    • Design fresh options for a product, process, system, or service.
    • Analyze data/information to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Global Social Responsibility. Graduates will be ethically and socially aware and attuned to the global environment.
    • Assess the potential ethical implications of a business decision.
    • Evaluate the impact of business decisions on the well being of stakeholders, including the local and global environment.
  • Foundational Business Knowledge. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the functional business disciplines.
    • Interpret the theories and principle features of the core business disciplines - accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, business law, strategy, and operations.

Major Requirements (60 units)

Students in the Executive MBA program have the advantage of increasing their professional network as they complete the entire curriculum with the same cohort of students. The sequence in which your cohort will complete the program requirements together is pre-determined each semester to allow for comprehensive study and optimal learning.

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