2023-2024 Catalog 
    Jul 18, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors College Transfer Certificate

Program Learning Outcomes

Please see the Honors College .

Honors College Transfer Certificate (12 units)

Required Courses (8 units)

Honors College Gateway (2 units)

The Honors College Gateway (HONC 100) is a 2-unit course designed to be an introduction to the mission and four pillars of the Honors College and provide a common framework for all HONC students. These courses introduce students to the main pillars (themes) of the Honors College, which are liberal arts foundations, global perspectives, interdisciplinary education, and experiential education. The Gateway class is structured around a topic of relevance to the individual faculty’s own work, but draw on a common set of course learning outcomes for all Gateway classes reflective of each of the program learning outcomes.

Honors College Exploration (2 units)

These courses, whether 2-unit Honors College Forum courses or specially-designated 4-unit classes, are interdisciplinary and experiential and provide unique skills development or opportunities for the students to expand their knowledge in an innovative, dynamic classroom environment. Exploration courses may also include courses taken during study abroad or through other kinds of affiliated programs at USF.

Honors College Foundations (4 units)

Students complete an additional 4 units of coursework from the Honors College .

Mellon Scholars may apply 4 units from their prior institution (Foothill-De Anza) to fulfill this requirement with approval of the Honors College Director of Student Experience & Community Engagement. 

Additional Requirements

Final Reflection Essay: A final reflection essay is required for completion of this certificate. The final reflection assignment will be distributed approximately 4 weeks prior to graduation. Please see the Honors College staff for additional details.