2023-2024 Catalog 
    May 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog

BSN Curriculum Pattern

BSN Curriculum Pattern

Undergraduate Major (Major Code: NURS)

(Student may enter in either the Fall or Spring semester)


1st Semester

Semester Total 17 units

2nd Semester

Semester Total 17 units



5th Semester

Semester Total 18 units

Semester Total 17 units


Semester Total 17 units

NOTE: Students should file a “Petition to Graduate” at this point in the curriculum.

8th Semester

Semester Total 15 units

Minimum Total Number of Units 128 units

* General Psychology, Human Anatomy, Survey of Human Physiology, and Microbiology are prerequisites to the third semester (Nursing Module #1); Human Anatomy and Human Physiology must be taken together in the same semester.
*** Prerequisite to NURS 322 .
# BRN requirement for NCLEX. Can be taken anytime in the program.
+ Must be taken before the third semester, Nursing Module #1.

First Year (completed over the first two semesters):

Prerequisites (nursing support courses) that must be successfully completed before beginning Nursing Module #1 (NURS 220 , NURS 221 , NURS 222 , NURS 225  courses):

* (B) BIOL 113 - Human Anatomy  3 Units
BIOL 114 - Human Anatomy Lab  1 Unit

* (B) BIOL 115 - Human Physiology  3 Units
BIOL 116 - Human Physiology Lab  1 Unit

* (B) BIOL 134 - Microbiology  3 Units
BIOL 135 - Microbiology Lab  1 Unit

* (E) Psych 101: General Psychology 4 Units

Rhetoric and Composition Courses

Must be completed by the 5th semester (first Junior semester, Nursing Module #3) and may only be taken at USF

Successful completion of a nursing support course or a nursing major course is defined as a final course grade of “C” or better. Students who earn less than a “C” in any one of these course must repeat the course and earn a “C” or better in the second attempt.

Students who earn less than a “C” in any two (2) of these courses will be disqualified from the nursing program.

As undergraduate students enroll in the above courses, they may also enroll in any of the CORE courses listed below to insure that they retain their full-time student status (12 credits per semester).

# Sociology 4 credits (preferably SOC 150 - Intro to Sociology )
(A) Public Speaking - 4 Units
(A) Advanced Written Communication - 4 Units
(B) Math 101: Statistical Reasoning - 4 Units
Natural Science - 4 Units (met by Survey of Human Physiology)
(C) Literature - 4 Units
(C) Humanities: History - 4 Units
(D) Theology and Religious Studies- 4 Units
(D) Philosophy - 4 Units
(D) Ethics - 4 Units
(E) Social Sciences - 4 Units (met by General Psychology and/or Sociology)
(F) Fine Arts - 4 Units