2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jul 17, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Service and Community Engagement Minor

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The minor in Public Service and Community Engagement is an innovative, intensive, interdisciplinary program open to all USF undergraduates, regardless of their major, who are interested in developing their skills and knowledge in public service. Students can select a global and/or local focus depending on their interests. Graduates of the program are honored as “McCarthy Scholars” at Commencement.

The PSCE minor provides students the analytical, organizational, and advocacy skills and preparation needed for sophisticated public service. Participation in the minor prepares students to undertake community problem solving through active citizenship.
Through experiential learning, reflection, and analysis, students gain direct exposure to some of the most pressing social issues facing the world.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Public Service and Community Engagement Minor, students will be able to:

  • Analyze civic issues and social change movements in the context of relevant social, political, environmental and economic systems by synthesizing information from multiple diverse sources
  • Evaluate ethical implications of various social change and leadership models for the common good, and related concepts of service, civic participation, and social justice
  • Examine how one’s social identities, values, beliefs, and commitments to community engagement and public service shape–and are shaped by-the synthesis of formal education and other lived experience
  • Apply principles of cultural humility, open-mindedness, equity, empathy, and ethical integrity when engaging in daily interactions, civic discourse, community engagement, social change actions, and public service

Minor Requirements (20 units)

Leadership for Civic Engagement*

Research/Advocacy for Justice***


*Students should take the Intro to Leadership and Civic Engagement Course as soon as possible after enrolling in the PSCE minor. Though we do not require students take this before completing requirements 2-‐4, we strongly encourage it.

**Students must take AT LEAST ONE service-‐learning course in one of the above categories (in addition to the core requirement). Students may only count a MAXIMUM OF TWO courses from the same discipline toward the minor.

***Students should register for the Capstone Seminar the spring before graduation.

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