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2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teacher Education

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The Teacher Education programs lead to Preliminary Multiple Subject and Single Subject teaching credentials with an optional Bilingual Authorization in Spanish.

All credential programs are pursued concurrently with a master’s degree.  Teaching credential students may enroll for any of the five M.A degrees offered by the following departments/programs of the School of Education: the Master of Arts in Teaching, the Master of Arts in Teaching: Urban Education and Social Justice, or the Master of Arts in Reading (with the CTC Reading Certificate), offered by the Teacher Education Department; or the Master of Arts in Educational Technology, offered by the Learning and Instruction Department; or the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, offered by the International and Multicultural Education Department.  Some courses taken as part of the credential program may be counted toward these degrees.  See the appropriate sections of this catalog or contact the departments directly for additional information.

All of the Teacher Education programs are characterized by three principles derived from the special mission of this Jesuit university: first, philosophical inquiry into educational problems addressed through dialogue and reflection; second, a commitment to social justice in education; and third, attention to the individual development needs of children and adolescents.  We believe that caring educational practitioners concern themselves with the unique qualities and needs of the individuals they serve.

Students are admitted in both Fall and Spring semesters.  The number each semester is kept small to enable us to provide the kind of education necessary to prepare thoughtful, caring educators.  Program graduates often go on to assume leadership positions in schools throughout the region due to the quality and character of our programs, the working relationship we are able to establish with our students, and the excellent caliber of our candidates.

The Credential

Students pursuing a credential must conform to all policies and regulations contained in the sections of this catalog pertaining to the credential programs. Before applying to credentialing agencies, students must complete all requirements specified in the subsequent curriculum section of this catalog. Students are responsible for being informed of all current agency regulations pertaining to the credentials. The University and the School of Education reserve the right to modify the program to meet accreditation requirements, such as those of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).


The Preliminary Multiple and Single Subject, with the optional Bilingual Authorization, teaching credential programs are fully approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and the Committee on Accreditation (COA). We are thereby authorized to recommend program graduates to the CTC, which is the state agency responsible for granting credentials.

All credential candidates are required to take the following Teacher Education program (TEC) courses:

Candidates for the Preliminary Multiple Subject credential also take the following courses in Teacher Education (TEC):

Candidates for the Preliminary Single Subject credential take the following additional courses in Teacher Education (TEC):

and one from the following:

and one from the following:

The Bilingual Authorization in Spanish is open to candidates who satisfy language proficiency requirements. Students must demonstrate satisfactory language proficiency competence prior to enrolling in Bilingual Authorization courses. In addition, written and oral knowledge of Spanish at an FSI Level 3 (“Able to speak, read, and write in the language with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to participate in most formal and informal communications on practical, social, and professional topics”) or its equivalent, must be demonstrated prior to Student Teaching II and III.

Bilingual Authorization candidates are required to take two courses in addition to their preliminary credential program prior to or concurrently with Student Teaching III: TEC - 635 Language and Culture of Emphasis: Spanish and TEC - 636 Methods and Materials in the Language of Emphasis: Spanish.

Candidates will then complete a student teaching placement in a bilingual classroom (TEC 607/657, Student Teaching III-Bilingual Authorization).

In addition to satisfying course requirements, candidates for all credential programs must satisfy several additional requirements set by the CTC prior to admission. Program applicants are required to meet the California basic skills requirement. Single Subject candidates typically meet this requirement by presenting passing scores on the California Basic Skills Test (CBEST) prior to admission. Multiple Subjects candidates can meet the basic skills requirement by presenting passing scores on the CBEST, or by presenting passing scores on the Multiple Subjects California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) and the Writing Skills Test portion of the CSET. The Commission has approved several other options for meeting the basic skills requirement. The most current information on these additional options can be found at the Commission’s web site.

Candidates must also satisfy CTC standards concerning subject matter competence prior to admission. Single Subject Credential Candidates may satisfy these requirements through completion of a CTC approved subject matter preparation program or by passing the appropriate subject matter examination (CSET). Multiple Subject Credential Candidates must pass the Multiple Subject CSET.

In addition, candidates must submit evidence of a negative tuberculin test and a CTC Certificate of Clearance verifying a non-criminal record prior to census date in their first semester.

Prior to recommendation for the credential, candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the provisions and principles of the U.S. Constitution. This requirement may be met by submitting transcripts of an undergraduate academic record that indicate a passing grade in a state-approved course in American history or government or by passing an examination offered by the School of Education. All credential candidates must also successfully complete CPR training leading to a certificate in infant, child, and adult CPR. Multiple Subject Candidates must also pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA).

The Teacher Education Program Learning Outcomes:

Candidates will demonstrate basic competencies as a beginning teacher to:

  • Plan and deliver instruction that is comprehensible and accessible to all K-12 students.
  • Select and use multiple developmentally appropriate methods to assess student learning.
  • Plan and deliver lessons and instructional activities that engage and support all students in learning.
  • Plan instruction and design learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.
  • Create and maintain effective environments for student learning.
  • Develop as a professional educator.

Candidates will demonstrate the following in their Master of Arts coursework:

  • Knowledge of the various methodologies and application of educational research in K-12 education.
  • Awareness of the ethical considerations when critiquing research reports and developing their own projects/action research as graduate students and as classroom teachers.
  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of the theory and skills involved in conducting research and applying that research to a culminating project.

The Teacher Education Student Learning Outcomes:

Candidates completing the Teacher Education Credential program will demonstrate basic competencies in the 13 Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) as demonstrated by the following:

  • Passing scores on the Teaching Performance Assessment.
  • Basic competency in Student Teaching I as demonstrated by:
  • Scores on Cooperating Teacher Final Evaluation averaging 3.0 or higher.
  • Recommendation by the Cooperating Teacher that candidate is ready to move on to full-time student teaching.

Basic competency in Student Teaching II/III as demonstrated by:

  • Scores on Master Teacher Evaluations indicate growth and average 3.0 or higher at the middle of the 18 week placement, score level remain consistently in that range for the remainder of the placement.
  • Recommendation by the Master Teacher that candidate is ready to be recommended for a Preliminary credential.


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