2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NURS 325 - Cl Lab III: Comm & M H Nurs

Unit(s): 4

Course Prerequisites: BIO 113; BIO 114; BIO 115; Bio 116; Bio 134; Bio 135; Psych. 101; RHET 120; NURS 120 Nursing in the Jesuit Tradition; NURS 170 Intro. to Professional Nursing Practice; NURS 220 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I; NURS 221 Essentials of Pharmacology; Nursing 222 Applied Assessment & Nursing Fundamentals Across the Lifespan; NURS Clinical Lab I; NURS 270 Nutrition; NURS 271 Applied Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II; NURS 272 Applied Assessment and Nursing Fundamentals Across The Lifespan II; NURS 275 Clinical Lab II.

Course Co-requisites:  NURS 320 Community and Mental Health Nursing; NURS 321 Health Care Systems I: Nursing Leadership within Complex Adaptive Systems NURS 273 Evidenced Based Practice.

This community based clinical experience that focuses on patients/clients experiencing physiological and psychological problems. The nursing process is used in the care of clients from vulnerable populations. Students work in collaboration with inter-professional teams and community partners in outpatient and inpatient sites in which patient and student safety are paramount.

In addition, there is an emphasis on skill development and concepts that students apply to clinical practice. The concepts and skills enable students to work with patients and clients (individual or groups) in a care partnership to enhance health, wellness and symptom management of acute and chronic psychiatric, behavioral health, and community health conditions.  Students are working with the inpatient and outpatient agencies to incorporate bio-psycho-social, cultural client factors to improve health care access and reduce health disparities. 

Note: This clinical course prepares the student in clinical practice and supports the CA-BRN Public Health certification upon completion of the BSN program and passing their nursing NCLEX boards. Students receive onboarding and orientation to clinical as part of this clinical course.

Prerequisite: NURS 270 and NURS 271 and NURS 272 and NURS 275
Corequisite: NURS-320; NURS-321; NURS-322
Restriction: College restricted to School of Nursing and Health Professions; Clinical Course Fee-Undergrad - 175; Malpractice Insurance-UG - 25; Field of study restricted to Clinical Nurse Leader (4+1), Nursing, Nursing (4+1) Major
School of Nursing and Health Professions

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